Round Two Match Ups

 Everybody knows by now who is playing who and where and when . I am going to give my list of who I think should win out of these series . I did not get all of my wishes out of the first round , but I rarely get everything I want .

 Colorado vs. Detroit 
  While I would love to see the Avs knock out the Dead Things , I just don’t have that much faith in that Colorado team . A few years ago maybe , but not now . Detroit struggled with Trashville far more than I thought they would , so maybe the Avs can take them out . I would love to see that , but I am not getting my hopes up .

 Stars vs. Sharks
  Our Dallas Stars will win if they do their jobs . I said that before and I will say it again , they know how to beat this team and have proven it before . I choose Our Dallas Stars in six games .

 Penguins vs. Rangers 
  Sean Avery and his boys can start booking golf courses after the fifth game is supposed to be played . If the Rangers are lucky , they might take one game from them . The Penguins have this one in the bag , unless they have become over-confident like Anaheim did with Our Dallas Stars in round one . Too bad the Caps were eliminated wrongly . I wanted to see them beat the Pens (not that they could have , I just wanted to see that) .

Flyers vs. Canadiens
 The Flyers did not deserve to advance on a goal off a goalie who was clearly interfered with . Huet had his own player pushed into him by a Flyers’ player and the goal was allowed . Add to that the Flyers had all those suspensions earlier in the season and that makes the Canadiens winners by default . Quick , somebody go and slash the tires on the Flyers plane so they cannot get to their games and have to forfeit . It would save them humiliation ………. On second thought , send the Flyers extra help to speed them on their way . I want them to make it to their humiliation ……uh …. I mean , their , uh , “games” on time .

Birng on round two and let the poor oficiating continue as it has all season !


~ by Adam on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Round Two Match Ups”

  1. Ahhh i love prediction threads 🙂

    Red Wings – Avalanche
    To be honest i don’t really know. After seeing how the Predators pushed the wings, i actually think the Avs COULD take them. If i had to be a betting man, i would say Red Wings in 7 (maybe 6)

    Stars – Sharks
    This wont be an easy match. The Sharks however have been inconsistently good, and are going up against a very hot, very confident Stars team who KNOW they can win. Stars in 6.

    Canadiens – Flyers
    I don’t like either team, but i do hope the Habs walk over the Flyers. I think the Flyers, if they play good, could put up a struggle, but i’ll predict the Habs in 6.

    Penguins – Rangers
    I know i’m going against the grain here, but i do think the Rangers could apply more pressure than people give them credit for. I doubt they will beat the Penguins in the series, but i would not be suprised if they manage to force 6 games.

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  3. I hope the Stars win in 6! I don’t usually like making predictions… but I do think the Avs will beat the Wings. Detroit is a good team for the first 60 games or so of the season, but I think they’re too old to play 90+ games successfully.

    GO STARS!!!


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