Duck Hunting At Home Pays Off For Stars

 I clicked this game on just in time to hear that the Ducks’ Corey Perry was going to play and that Phillipe Boucher was going to be out for the game because of a lower body injury . Niether were good signs for Our Dallas Stars .
 The game itself started out with both sides fighting for the puck . It was fast paced with good attacks by both teams . Momentum started to swing for Our Stars when Lundqvist , Eriksson and Richards had a very good shift . Daley scored , but it was waved off because Hagman skated by the front of the net and grazed Giguere and knocked into his helmet slightly . Hagman ended up in the box and Our Stars ended up with out the goal that was waved off immediately . The Ducks’ ensuing powerplay was exciting despite only one real chance that Turco answered . He continued his huge saves at the nine minute mark . Pronger took a hooking call for Our Stars’ first powerplay of the game . The powerplay ended when Cap’n Morrow was called for a weak crosscheck . The following four an four was uneventfull and so was the Ducks’ thirty second powerplay . Lundqvist’s hard work earlier in the game paid dividends when Eriksson stole a pass and gave it to him and he beat a surprized Giguere for the game’s first goal . The attacks swung back and forth for the rest of the period . Our Stars may have been out shot , but they were the ones who managed to put up the points , not the Ducks . 
 The second period started with my cable out do to a terrible storm . When it finally came back on , at the sixteen minute mark , Turco was still making huge saves . The Ducks attacked and Sutherby scored when he kicked the puck into the net past Turco . After what seemed like an hour of reviewing of the play in Toronto , the goal was waved off . This was the right call (just like the earlier goal that was waved off that Our Stars had) . It was clearly a kicked in goal whether it was intentional or not . The Ducks attacked immediately and their players were caught too deep when Lundqvist and Richards raced the puck down for a two on one chance that Giguere answered . The Ducks attacked back and when Turco stopped play , Fistric leveled Perry for his over-zealousness to charge the net after the play had ended . A short time later , May went to the box and the resulting powerplay appeared to be a Ducks’ powerplay . As soon as that ended , Ribeiro and Selanne both go to their respective timeouts for yet another four on four . Fistric’s shot from the blueline was the only real chance on the four on four , otherwise it was just battling along the boards . Our Stars went back on the powerplay courtesy of Bertuzzi when he tossed Niskanen into the back of Turco’s net . The resulting powerplay fizzled out once more . The Ducks attacked hard and that stopped when Modano took a hooking penalty . Kunitz put his elbow into Robidas’ head at the end of the period .
 The third period began with another four on four for another minute and twenty seconds . and the thirty second powerplay for Our Stars was a complete joke . Bertuzzi crosschecked Ott a dozen times (the exact same way that The Cap’n was called for earlier in the game) but he manages to get the puck out to Norstrom who passes it along to Mo who finds an open and breaking Stu Barnes . Stu proved he knew what to do when he scored the game’s second goal . The Ducks attacked back as hard as ever and Selanne elbowed Turco in the head and leaves him flat on his back . Our Stars get a powerplay out of it but it ended quickly when Norstrom commited a hold on Kunitz’ short handed attack . The four on four play was all Turco . After the gameplay returned to even strength , Stu stole the puck from Huskins and fed it to Ott who sealed up th win when he beat Giguere with less than three minute remaining in the game . Perry got mad and started to pitch a fit and crosschecked Ott ending the Ducks’ hope for a come-back win . Sadly , with eight seconds left Schneider somehow beat Turco to ruin his shutout bid . Razor called the goal unneccessary . I tend to agree . It was a pointless goal .

 Three To One Win , Three To One In The Series ;

This game may have gone down as a win , but Our Stars did not play as well as they should have . The powerplay was terrible and they suffered from miscues and bad passes . They gave away far too many chances on Turco when they were on the powerplay and too many odd man rushes . They had difficult exits from their own zone and the Ducks forecheck was working yet again in this game . If they do not return to the same type of the game that they played in the first two games , they mill most certainly struggle in their next game .
 Marty Turco played steller . If he had not done so , the game would have certainly gone the other way . Many times he mopped up disasters in front of his crease . His defensemen needed to block a few more shots and been a little more secure with the puck like they were in their first two games . Take the hit and pass the puck along to make the play . It may be hard (and certainly unpleasant) , but that is their jobs .
 Hagman , Lundqvist , Richards , Daley , Stu , Eriksson and Modano , all played a very good game . It is too bad there are not enough stars of the games for all of them and Turco . Everyone of those guys played their hearts out . I will draw some criticizm for saying it , but I think the third star of the game should have been Lundqvist and not Mo .
 The Open Net with Razor and Jennifer Floyd Engel was great . I really enjoyed her and I think I will look into what she has to say elsewhere . Odd that it seems that some of the better sports writers (or media) are women and that they seem to be ignored by their male counter-parts . Razor did not seem to like any of what she said and disagreed with her even though I was on her side . I will have to look her up on the internet and see what I can find about her .


~ by Adam on April 18, 2008.

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