Stars Pluck Ducks In Game Two

  In the pe-game show , Daryl “Razor” Reaugh had said that he spoken with a few of the Ducks’ players before the game and they claimed to have taken “smart” pills before the game . I personally did not think it would help them because they enjoy late hits and going out of their way to hit their opposition far too much . I also thought that they enjoyed the extra pushing matches after the whistle too much to be smart about their game (I was later proven correct) .The Honda Center was filled to the brim with excited fans , unlike the last five minutes of game one . Apparently , the few fans who did remain until game one ended boo-ed the Ducks off the ice . What solid and faithful fans . I am proud of them for being such great band-wagon-riders .
 The game itself started off with what we all knew was coming , lots of hitting from the Ducks . They started the game with lots of time in Our Stars’ offensive zone . Our Stars answered that with solid defense . The game had a very amped up tone to it . The Ducks finally recognized what kind of a threat Turco was when he handles the puck and they started dumping in the puck to the corners from the outset of the game . They did a good job of keeping the puck away from Turco . Ribeiro intercepted a pass from Beauchmin and he went off to the races . He scored a beautiful backhand goal right above Giguere’s leg and just below his glove . The Ducks’ frustration was already apparent and they continued their late hits on Our Stars’ players . Hagman tripped Selanne and was caught by the zebras and sent away for his crime . The resulting powerplay for the Ducks was nearly killed off completely by Jere Lehtinen’s pursuit of the puck . Razor said he looked like a border collie at the blue line , just daring the Ducks to try to bring in the puck and chasing them back . The Ducks never managed to get setup in Our Stars’ zone for more than a few seconds before the powerplay ended . Scott Niedermayer crosschecked Robidas and he went to the box for interference . The resulting powerplay for Our Stars showed that Lehtinen could still find the “soft spot” in the Ducks’ defense . Giguere managed to stay on top of things even when his teamates could not . Our Stars’ powerplay ended without another tally on the scoresheet , but momentum was definately on their side . Barnes , Eriksson and Ott all had huge chances on Giguere that he answered well . Near the end of the period , the Ducks showed signs of life on an attack that Bertuzzi , Getzlav and Selanne spear-headed . Turco committed a grand act of larceny on the play . I honestly was not sure he would see the puck in time when I saw the play starting to unfold . Happily , Turco showed that he ate his Wheaties that morning and answered the challenge .
 The second period started off well for Our Stars . Ribs almost slipped past the Ducks’ defense for another breakaway , but instead , Scott Niedermayer broke up the play with a hook he put on Ribs . Niedermeyer was rewarded for his crime and sent off to “Timeout” for two minutes . Robidas bangs a huge shot off Giguere and the paunchy rebound would not have gotten away from him if not for Pronger making a stupid mistake when he pushed the puck right out to a ready-to-shoot Jere Lehtinen who buried the puck in the net for the game’s second goal . About thirty seconds later , Eriksson decided to have his own personal timeout and took a tripping call in order to do so . Getzlav and Bertuzzi had a huge chance on Turco but he answered the call of duty yet again . On the next shot , however , he was not as fortunate . Scott Niedermayer shot the puck from the outside and Sellane tipped it just high enough that Turco could not respond to the deflection in time to stop it from hitting the net . The glass fell out of its “secured” place seemingly without help from players this time . It seems that the Honda Center has gone to pot since they aquired the title of “Defending Stanley Cup Champions” (I love their “quality” facility in Anaheim-obviously Our Stars do too) . The two hours of commercials end and both teams attack each other’s net with good attacks . Ribs and The Cap’n almost connect and Lehtinen stole a puck and he almost scored his second of the game late in his shift . Hagman nearly snuck in his wrap-around attempt and Eriksson , Richards and Lundqvist attacked Giguere but still he answered . Ribs made a pass into the zone and May skates the distance from the bench to the other side of the ice to crush him into a heap at center ice . Yet , no penalty . Bertuzzi takes an interference call for what I thought was more of a boarding penalty on Ott , and on the delayed call Marty skates off . When the Ducks finally touch the puck for the whistle , no less than two Ducks’ players toss the puck into the empty goal (how classless and foolish) . On the resulting powerplay , Ribs was held , and Beauchamin crosschecked The Cap’n who lost his headgear from the illegal hit , but stiull no calls were made . The powerplay ended relatively uneventfully and then Moen got free from Niskanen , who all but ignored him , and he makes Our Stars pay for Niskanen’s mistake by buring a shot of his own in the net . Modano tripped Getzlav and the Ducks resulting powerplay could not be capitalized on . The Cap’n took a penalty at the end of the period for what the Ducks had been doing (and far more blatantly) when he skates out of his way for what I thought was little more than a bump from his shoulder (honestly , it should not even have counted as a hit) . Sadly , The Cap’n took a charging penalty for that “attrocious” hit .
 The third period , sadly , started with the Ducks on , in what is my opinion , an unearned powerplay . When The Cap’s penalty expired , Richards renewed the Ducks’ chance with a tripping call of his own . Both powerplays were killed off fairly easily by Our Stars . Bobby Ryan of the Ducks decided to add his name to the scoresheet , but in a negative way for his team , when he was called for hooking . Our Stars did not squander their opportunity on the powerplay and Mo hammered a shot in from the blueline to earn Our Dallas Stars’ lead back . The Ducks attacked back but good defensive play answered their bid for a third goal . Richards went to the box for batting the puck out of play with a highstick , but surprisingly (or maybe not SO surprisingly) nobody was penalized for elbowing The Cap’n in the face . Bertuzzi ended the powerplay when he was called for holding when it looked like he should be called for theft after stealing Daley’s stick and glove and tossing them to the wind . Pronger went to the box for his blatant stupidity (finally) and he was called for holding for his two minute timeout . The brief four-on four and five-on-three ends and Beauchemin held down Cap’n Morrow while Scott Niedermayer tackled Richards away from the puck . Disgustingly , no penalties were dished out for that stupidity . Eriksson , Lundqvist and Richards were obviously annoyed by that and Eriksson bangs the puck past Giguere when the Ducks were all caught standing around in their own zone yet again . At this point in the game , I had to laugh out loud because all of the Ducks band-wagon-rider fans were leaving the Honda Center yet again . Hagman , Crombeen and Petersen had a great shift and kept the pressure on the Ducks on one of the final attacks of the game . The game ended with a frustrated Ducks’ team just out head hunting (uselessly , I might add) with nasty hits on any Stars player who happened to be on the ice .

 Featherless Ducks Fly To Dallas For Game Three Next ;

 The Ducks claimed that they had taken their “smart” pills , but it was obvious that they did not . They still over-pursued for hits . They also committed a terrible amount of penalties that went uncalled by the obvioulsy blind zebras . I was truly appalled at the lack of good officiating . I would not complain , except for the fact that any time Our Stars attempted to return the late hits or unsportsmanlike conduct , they were called for it . Cap’n Morrow’s “hit” was the prime example of this when he was awarded a charging penalty for his perceived crime . The officiating was poor , but at least McGeough was not the man calling the game or it would have been much worse .
 Razor said that if the Ducks wanted to get back in this series , they needed to figure a way to score . Personally , I think they need to just lay down and give up . They do not deserve to be bullies and win Lord Stanley’s Cup . Not again .
 For a team who was thought to have scoring issues at the beginning of the season , Our Dallas Stars do not seem to be having any trouble at all . They seem to be able to beat Giguere whenever they try hard enough . It does help that the Ducks do not seem to give Our Stars any kind of respect when they have the puck and they turn it over to them often . Their lack of respect for Our Stars has cost them in the last two games and it will continue to do so until they start taking Our Stars seriously .
 Marty Turco was quoted on as saying ,”We’ve collected two big wins here , but we know we still have alot of work left to do .” His thoughts mirrored Tippett’s quote (from when he said ,”……we still have a lot of work to do . This series is just getting going .” I like the fact that everyone seems to be keeping their focus that this is only game two and not the defining end of the series . It bodes well for the rest of the series . Often , in the regular season , Our Stars seemed to lose focus and just stop playing . With this kind of focus , they have the potential to put this playoff drive in the history books as the club’s second Stanley Cup win .
 Marty Turco was not as dominant in this game as he was in the first game (because of the way the Ducks played the puck away from him) , but he still performed fabulous . He made saves that I thought had beaten him . I am very proud of him .
 Aagain , the three stars of the game were awarded by the inept Anaheim media . The second star was again awarded as a concillation prize to he Ducks . The stars should have been awarded like this ;
 1st star : Mike Ribeiro
 2nd star : Brad Richards
 3rd star : Your Choice – Mike Modano or Stephane Robidas – they both played fabulous
The media that voted for the stars of the game should be forced into a closet until the series is over and fed only bread and water . That or fed to Russian’s alligator .



~ by Adam on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Stars Pluck Ducks In Game Two”

  1. Razor said he looked like a border collie at the blue line , just daring the Ducks to try to bring in the puck and chasing them back.
    I loved that quote. Lehts has been great (like so many others). I can’t get over how great everyone is playing.

    The media that voted for the stars of the game should be forced into a closet until the series is over and fed only bread and water . That or fed to Russian’s alligator.

    Excellent idea!

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