“Underdog” Stars School Ducks

 I love it when the media says that a team is the “underdog” and then they go out and make their opponents look stupid . That is exactly what Our Dallas Stars did to the Ducks at the Honda Center in game one .
 The game started with lots of hitting . What a surprise . Both teams laid some pretty good licks on each other . Our Stars picked up many unforced turnovers from the Ducks . After about six minutes of gameplay , Modano led the parade to the penalty box for kicking a fallen stick away from a Ducks’ player . That powerplay was killed off fairly well when Our Stars only allowed one (or two if you count that little rebound) shot on Turco . Richards had a chance to score but could not get enough on the hopping puck to pound it in the net . Later , a dump-in by the Ducks sent a wild , jumping puck slowly sliding through the blue of the crease with Marty nowhere to be found . Moen followed Mo’s path to the box after he took a running jump with his elbow into Grossman . Our Stars got setup in the Ducks’ zone and Robidas and Ott makes them pay for Moen’s crime by sneaking the puck in five hole on Giguere with help from Ott’s deflection . The Ducks attacked back immediately and Our Stars answered right back with attacks of their own led by ther young defensemen . Sutherby crosschecked Daley and he went third in the parade to the sin bin . The resulting powerplay started off terribly . Modano drew all the defenders to him (and got a stick in the face for his efforts) and manages to find open players anyway . Loui Eriksson was the man who benefitted the most from Mo’s sacrifice when he scored from a pass from Richards . The following faceoff at center ice was little more than a delay for Eriksson and Richards who attacked Giguere immediately again . This time , though , Giguere answered them . Selanne and Boucher had words and Bertuzzi skates over like he was insane and throws Boucher to the ground while Ott and Scheider start their own shoving match at the other end of the ice . Every last one of them were given two minute time-outs for their misbehavior .
 The second period started out with Our Stars on the powerplay for another minute and fourty-five seconds (roughly) . Lehtinen had a huge chance but was robbed . The powerplay ended , then the parade to the box continued for the Ducks . Getzlav was sent away for roughing . Oddly , the Ducks attacked Our Stars’ net , but the momentum was not to be swayed . Our Stars took back over when Lehtinen got open in front of Giguere and blasted the puck over Giguere’s right shoulder . Both Pronger and Pahlsson were standing around seemingly not knowing what to do . Jere Lehtinen knew what to do . Schneider continued the Ducks’ march to the box and Ribeiro joins him a short time later . The Ducks had a scary flurry in front of Turco , but he stood his ground and sent the Ducks away empty-handed . The Ducks continued to test Turco and another nasty flurry ends with Turco covering the puck on top of his net . The Ducks seemed to go into panic mode ever since Lehtinen had put up the game’s third goal . They were all freaking out and positioning themselves poorly . The hard checking continued and glass was knocked loose (insert an hour of commercials here) . When play resumed , Boucher received a tripping call for taking down Bertuzzi with his stick . The resulting powerplay was absolutely crazy . The Ducks had all kinds of chances , but could not beat Marty Turco or his defensemen despite solid attempts to do so . Boucher had a chance right out of the box , but Bertuzzi shoved him into the goal post and Bertuzzi went to the box . The faceoff that followed was little more than a slight delay for Cap’n Morrow when he scored (what would be the game’s final goal) almost directly off the faceoff . Eriksson attacked the net again and had himself an “almost” but Giguere was not having any more of that . The Ducks truly hit deep panic mode when Our Stars attacked again and Huskins played the puck with a broken stick . That was a silly thing to do . He could have just tossed the puck to one of his own players and recieved the whistle for a hand pass instead of taking a minor . That is what happens when you hit panic mode , though . Your judgement clouds when you panic . I have been guilty of the same type of thing in a panic mode .
 The third period started with a minute and fifty seconds left on Our Stars’ powerplay . It ended less successfully than four of the previous powerplays did . Pronger jumped to make a hit on Lundqvist and he knocked the glass out again (although it was in a different place than the first time it came loose) . Razor said that the Honda Center was falling apart . I had to agree . Especially when the five minute mark rolled around and the place was empty . It looked more like a ghost town than a playoff game in its’ final minutes . I would not have left . Crombeen , Petersen and Hagman had a great three on one chance that fizzled out and Hagman and Kunitz ended the parade to the penalty box together .

 Beating A Team With Their Own Style Of Game-Play Rocks ! ;

 Our Stars won for many reasons . They beat the forecheck by Turco playing the way he did . They handled the puck far better and did not have nearly as many turnovers as the Ducks did . Most of those turnovers were all unforced ones . They were just miscues and bad passes . Over pursuit by the Ducks got the Ducks into trouble often . Our Stars pretty well dictated the game play and did what ever they so chose to do with the puck on their powerplays . Our Stars had their defense together and (with lots of help from Turco) they rarely had trouble exiting their own zone . The Duck constant march to the penalty box cost them . BIG .
 Before the game , Craig Ludwig said that Our Stars had to have their defensemen step up . They did . He also said that Marty Turco had to shine . He did . Ludwig is right on with most all of what he says . I just wish he would talk loud enough for people to hear him .
 Robidas and Razor both said that Our Stars had to have a “pack mentality” and they did . It served them very well . They played as a team and they each did their own jobs and did not ever get too far from their own jobs for it to cause them to make mistakes . That is the key . Everybody doing their own respective jobs .
 When they announced the three stars of the game , I thought it was laughable that Brad May had “earned” the second star of the game . Anahiem media must be nuts . I think May was added as an insult because he had the least amount of time on the ice of all of the Ducks , AND he did not have a single shot on goal , just three hits . The three stars of the game in my humble opinion should have read off like this ;
 1st star : Marty Turco
 2nd star : Mike Ribeiro
 3rd stars : Jean-Sebastien Giguere
 Giguere faced an enormous amount of shots and he played well . He did not let his team down , his team let him down and allowed the Stars to get open in front of him three times . The first goal was a fluke shot that barely manged to sneak by him , but it counted .
 On the odd note , I am  SOOOOOOO glad that there is no pipe organ in the AAC . I would hate to hear the Dr. Who song played on the organ here . I think that is absolutely attrocious . It should be illegal it sounds so bad . Organ music is for churches and baseball games , NOT hockey .
 I completely forgot to mention that I had omitted my usual complaining (or whining , your choice) about the lack of good officiating in this game . I normally complain when so many hits are late ones or blatant penalties are commited . This game was different . BOTH teams got away with lots of stuff that should never have been allowed . To complain that the Ducks were not penalized enough would have been stupid since Our Stars got away with many things that were illegal as well . Maybe the next game will be called tighter . I really did not care for the very late hits by either team and some of those were jumps into players . I understood that to be an automatic penalty . I guess you ignore the rules sometimes . Since the refs ignored it for one team , at least they ignored it for both teams .


~ by Adam on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Underdog” Stars School Ducks”

  1. I love our Dallas Stars 🙂 That whole game was a pure pleasure to watch, from start to finish. Not because of the score, but because of the solid 60 minute game the entire team played. The way they pushed and went through players, not around them. They way they hit, scored, blocked shots, then did it all over again from start to end. They dominated the entire game in every aspect.

    Bring on game 2 🙂

  2. Love, love, loved this game.

    So good to watch!

    Anahiem media must be nuts .

    Word, word, word.

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