My Picks For The First Round Of Playoffs

 Alright , everybody else has put in their two cents’ worth about who is going to win in the first round of playoffs , so I am going to give my two cents’ worth . This is NOT my predictions of who IS going to win , this is my list of who I think SHOULD win .

 Detroit Red Wings vs. Trashville Predators
  This is a no win situation for me . I do not like the Red Wings , and I hate the Preds , so the Red Wings have my approval to beat the Preds like red-headed step-children in Wal-Mart .
 San Jose vs. Calgary
  I so want Calgary to win just so everybody will shut up about the Sharks taking Lord Stanley’s Sacred Chalice back to So Cal .
 Colorado vs. Minnesota
  I pick Colorado just because they seem to have more talent . I even pick them despite the fact that Foote ran off on the Blue Jackets the way he did .
 Ducks vs. Stars
  Obviously I choose the Stars . The Stars can beat the Ducks if they do their jobs .
 Montreal vs. Boston
  I think that the Canadiens have it in them to take out the Bruins . Besides , I do not care for the Bruins’ coach .
 Pittsburg vs. Ottawa
  The Sens picked a bad draw when they drew the Pens in the first round . They will not return to the Stanley Cup Finals this year . Besides , I want to see the Caps take out the Pens .
 Washington vs. Philidalphia
  Who in their right mind WANTS to see the Broad Street Bullies win this season after all the suspensions at the first of the season . Besides , Ovechkin and his friends need to put Crosby and his boys out of the playoffs themselves . Go Caps !
 Devils vs. Rangers
  I do not like the Devils , so the Rangers have my permission to win . They certainly shut them down in their first game . I used to like Langenbrunner , but he refused to come back to Our Stars when they offered him a better deal than the Devils did , so I cannot say he is one of my favorites any more . Sorry .

 In other news , Our Stars have some serious issues they need to address in the off season . Barnes , Miettinen , Hagman , Winchester , Petersen , Norstron , Janceveski and Holmqvist are all unrestricted free-agents . Daley , Crombeen , Connor , Eriksson and Ott are restricted free-agents . Our Stars really need to re-sign a few of those players . Others of them , well , let’s just wave at them as they hop on their respective buses out of town .


~ by Adam on April 10, 2008.

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