Stars Close Out Regular Season With A Big Bang…..Literally

 The “game” may have started slowly , but after the first five minutes , or so , of slower playing , it exploded . The “game” started with Our Stars having their third and fourth liners in top positions in the “game” . They never shied away from the hits and that helped the violence start . I will speak of that , but a little later . Due to all of the penalties handed out , Our Stars had a five on three powerplay that fizzled out , despite good puck movement and plenty of shots on goal . Later , after a mountain more penalties , the Sharks had a very long five on three powerplay and Marleau capitalized on it for the game’s first goal . Turco played well and stopped most of the shots he faced . He did miss Marleau’s shot , but it was a stoppable shot . He did have a miscue earlier in the period that was terrifying but his defensemen bailed him out of that jam by picking up the puck that slid right out into the open and almost landed on Marleau’s stick for his second of the “game”  . This period did not start like either team really wanted to play the game , in fact I thought it started soft . Apparently both teams read my mind and the situation on the ice degraded from a “soft” hockey game to little more than a bar room brawl . The penalty recap for the first period alone is as follows ; Sharks penalties ; McLaren : five for fighting , Shelley : two for roughing , two for crosschecking , ten minute game misconduct , Thornton : five for fighting , two for crosschecking , two for instigator , ten minute game misconduct , Rissmiller : two for roughing , Semenov : ten minute misconduct , Michalek : five for fighting , two for roughing . Penalties for Our Stars were as follows ; Barch : five for fighting , Winchester : two for crosschecking , Ott : two for crosschecking , five for fighting , Crombeen : five for fighting , Robidas : ten minutes for checking from behind , ten minute game misconduct (that ended his game for the day for the hit from behind) , Daley : ten minute misconduct , Barnes : four minutes (double minor) for highsticking . All those penalties added up to a grand total of one hundred and five minutes . More than one player was sitting in the dressing room before the period had ended . The “game” was almost barbaric . Every time play stopped , both teams had to get every player on the ice involved in a shoving match in a pile . It may not have been much of a hockey  game , but I sure wished that I could have seen Our Dallas Stars and the Sharks in Fight Club like that in person . Before the game , nobody thought that this would have been this kind of a “hockey” game . Most people thought it would be over with little or none of that kind of “love” shared . It makes you love the Pacific Division , doesn’t it ?
 The second period started with Lundqvist taking a charging penalty and Brian Boucher in goal for the Sharks . I kind of thought that the Sharks’ coach wanted to keep Nabokov safe from “those mean Dallas Stars” . Marleau commited a trip but got away with it , but Petersen could not . On the resulting powerplay , Hagman had a great short-handed chance , but it turned into Cheechoo getting a powerplay goal . Clowe attacked Ott and that gave Our Stars yet another powerplay . It turned out pretty weak though . After the powerplay ended , Cap’n Morrow took control of the puck and danced the puck into the Sharks’ zone and undressed several Sharks defenders to get a pass to Mo who gave it over to Miettinen for Our Stars’ first goal of the game . I thought at this point both teams would start playing hockey instead of attempting to (according to Ralph and Razor) discover who was the “Alpha Male” on the ice . I was wrong . Mitchell hit Winchester in the back for a charging call and once again , both teams had every player on the ice paired off . It may have been enjoyable to see this kind of stuff in the first period , but I wanted one last mark in the win column , not a continous bar room brawl . At this point in the game , I wanted to see hockey played and I was getting bored with the brawling . When the dust finally settled from that ruckus , Our Stars ended up on the powerplay . It was looking pretty weak until Stu Barnes stepped in and took over . He scored the “game’s” tying goal by planting the puck behind Brian Boucher . Our Stars attack the Sharks immediately after the goal and Shelley took exception to Ott . He was slapped with an additional seventeen minutes of penalties and was relieved of his on ice duties for the remainder of the game . Mittens went to the box for a tripping call that looked more like the player he was fighting for the puck fell . The resulting four on four did not matter though , because Thornton boarded the crap out of Niskanen and when Our Stars’ extra attacker was on , Norstrom scored for Our Stars , giving them their first lead of the “game” .
 The third period started with Our Stars still on the powerplay . Mo took an incredibly powerful shot that really rattled the goal on it’s moorings . It might have burst through the net if it had gone in . The shot was reveiwed for nearly an hour (it seemed) at the first stoppage of play . The long proccession to the penalty box continued when Mittens again went , this time for highsticking . All of the insane four on four and the powerplay ended with the score still at three to two in favor of Our Stars . Eriksson took a penalty and seconds later Marleau takes a penalty of his own for even more four on four hockey . After all the insanity took a short pause , Ott and Lundqvist combined for Ott’s final goal of the regular season . The game ended with Norstrom in the box and Brian Boucher and Nabokov on the bench .

 “Fight Club On Ice” – Coming Soon To An Arena Near You !  ;

 The first period truly was not a hockey game , but it was enjoyable (at least from a spectator view) . Beatings and brutality were both handed out like beers at an Oktoberfest celebration . I hope that the Ducks were able to watch this game (on tape , no doubt) and got scared . It would do well for Our Stars to step up and do the same thing for their games against the Ducks . Pronger certainly deserves a sound beating worse than any Sharks’ player that skated in this game .
 The important thing about this game is that Our Stars won without four (make that five when you count Robi getting sent away in the first period) key players . Zubov is obviously still out , but Lehtinen , Ribeiro and Richards were all out with what is , reportedly , the flu . When you can manage to win the game despite lots of ice time given to third and fourth line players , that is a good sign . I have lots of hope for the playoffs after this outing . Let us not forget that Our Stars were also only rolling five defensemen after Robidas was tossed from the game for his hit from behind .
 On the subject of playoffs , I find it amusing that Trashville will face the Detroit Dead Things in the first round . That is somehow fitting for the Preds to have worked so hard only to be eliminated in the first round . I think it will only take four games before Trashville goes home for the summer . Any takers on a bet on that ?


~ by Adam on April 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Stars Close Out Regular Season With A Big Bang…..Literally”

  1. “but I sure wished that I could have seen Our Dallas Stars and the Sharks in Fight Club like that in person,” Man, so sorry you missed this one! When first intermission finally came, we all looked at each other and were like “that was only one period?” We were already exhausted and hoarse. I don’t think we could have survived a whole game like that.

    “He did have a miscue earlier in the period that was terrifying but his defensemen bailed him out of that jam.” Yes, the lady behind me and I both let out full blown screams! There were at least a couple moments like that. Considering that for 2/3’s of the game we only had 5 d-men, I thought the defense played an awesome game. What do you think about the Robidas hit? Everyone around us was saying he would get a suspension. I watched it again on the highlights and didn’t think it looked that bad.

    “Cap’n Morrow took control of the puck and danced the puck into the Sharks’ zone and undressed several Sharks defenders to get a pass to Mo…” Morrow’s play on that was amazing!

    “Mo took an incredibly powerful shot that really rattled the goal on it’s moorings.” It was really really loud!

    Toby Petersen played a great game, much more that just that pretty pass to Norstrom. He was all over the place everytime he was on the ice. Really deserved the 3rd Star of the game. But for me the number one star of the game was STEVE OTT!

    ALPHA MALE = OTTER!!!!!!

    Great post and I’m not taking your bet on Pred/Wings game!

  2. The hit by Robidas may have earned him a suspension , but I do not think it would be deserved . Sadly , I have seen players suspended for less , so , we never really know until the league makes their descision .
    Toby Petersen did do very well . I think we may see much more from him in the playoffs as well as next season .
    And you are right , Ott IS the “Alpha Male” .

  3. Hey Adam…get a chance take a look at the December 11th game between Pittsburgh and Philly. That was Fightfest 2007. Just 98 PIMs for Pittsburgh. 12 Players involved. 58 for Philly. 8 players there. Lots of Fistacuffs there.

  4. That was certainly a penalty filled affair as well . I also liked the bench-empting brawl that occurred last season when Ottawa and Buffalo played .
    There was also a game between the old Colorado Rockies and the Boston Bruins , in 1981 , where sixty penalties were handed out and the Bruins had only six skaters left and no coach . Everyone else for the Bruins had been tossed from the game .
    I love hockey !

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