Turn About Seems To Be Fair Play .

 It sucks that Our Dallas Stars lost to the Coyotes at home by the exact same score that they beat them by only the day before . Adding in that both teams had an empty net goal , and it seemed all too familiar . What disappointing game .
 The post-game show started with telling us that Our Stars will still be missing Ribs and Richards . That did not come as a surprise . I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and I was out for a week . Let us hope that Ribs and Richards do not miss as much more time . The pre-game show also showed a story on the “Pros vs. Prospects” game . It was funny to see Ludwig yelling as much as he did (and the rest of the “Pros” team drinking Bloody Marys before the game) . We were also informed that Barch was scratched due to a slight concussion from the previous game . What a surprise . After that last punch that he took on the chin from Carcillo , I am not surprised . 
 The game started pretty slow for Our Stars . They did not seem to have the fire that they did in the game the day before . Our Stars’ defense had a breakdown in coverage and Carcillo , and his cheesy mustache , and bad attitude , scored . The Cap’n and Robidas had a great chance a short time later but were unable to capitalize on it . Weller took a hooking call and the resulting powerplay was almost not worth mentioning . Both teams suffered from “I can turn over the puck faster than you” syndrome . Later on , Carcillo attacked Fistric for no reason (what a shock) and he and Fistric both get roughing minors . Our Stars start on a powerplay for the additional cross-checking penalty Carcillo took and Morris puts his stick on top of Lehtinen’s head . Our Stars had a gloriously long five on three chance but they could not get the puck in the net . The shortened powerplay after the five on three chance was mostly Our Stars chasing the puck back into their own zone . What a tremendous waste . Our Stars had a three on two chance when they hit the blue line and with beautiful passing by Ott and Crombeen , Daley scored his fifth goal of the season . The period ended with the score tied . The Coyotes goalie , Tellqvist , was by far their best player .
 The second period started with Our Stars on the attack . They kept things hot for two minutes , then Winchester commited a stupid slashing penalty that killed the momentum outright . Modano had a great short-handed chance that fell apart and turned into Carcillo’s second goal . Robidas took a hooking call on the goal scoring play and the Coyotes go back on the powerplay immediately . Barnes and Boucher sneak away with the puck and Boucher scores short-handed . About ten minutes later , Hanzal snuck in behind the defense and he beats Turco for the Coyotes’ third goal . Both teams had great chances but Our Stars could not manage to capitalize on them . The Coyotes did and that made the difference .
 The third period started with Razor and Strangis informing all of us that Ott was out for the night with the flu . Lovely . Bad news always come in threes . I wondered what the other two bad things were going to be . Modano was robbed a short time later by Tellqvist . Eriksson , Miettinen and Lundqvist had a great attack and as soon as the whistle blew , Carcillo continued being stupid by shoving Lundqvist . Our Stars continued to miscue and foul up when the Coyotes harrassed them with the puck . They could not seem to get their offense rolling again . At the 4:23 mark Modano and The Cap’n manage a few good shots and had a great attack . Lundqvist , Robi and Eriksson had a great attack in tight . Boucher , Lehtinen and The Cap’n follow up that shift with a great chance and almost get the game’s tying goal . Turco leaves the net unattended with under a minute left and that jack-ass Carcillo scores his first NHL hat trick with the empty-netter , summarily demolishing any remaining hope Our Stars might have had in winning the game .

 I Am Going To Add Carcillo To My Most Hated Page ;

 I cannot stand him . He fights everybody (without reason) and should have taken the instigator on every single fight he has had for the last two games . His roughing call should be double minors everytime he gets one . He attacks players for no other reason than they are available to punch . Just because you are stronger than other people does not mean that you should attack everyone . If you have a bigger gun than everyone else , it does not mean you should shoot people either . There is a time for fighting and a time to act like a person and not a stupid thug . I would like to cover him in honey (or something else ants like) and tie him to one of the multiple fire ant mounds in my backyard .
 For everything that the last game was for Our Stars , this game was not . Our Stars looked like they played the day before and the Coyotes looked like they did not . Everything that Our Stars did correctly last game they did not do this game . Their offense did alright , but failing to convert on a five on three , was terrible . Our Stars’ defense fell apart when they were rushed . Last game , they had lots of help back to defened , this game , they slacked off and left Turco to his own devices too often .
 Our Stars did not do their jobs plain and simple . When they do their jobs , they win .  They have to remember that if they want to make it to the second round and beat the Ducks . I am really disappointed in Our Stars , but I also realize that this game was not a needed win (at least according to commentators) . I think that every game is a needed win . They damn sure will be after they play the Sharks on Sunday .


~ by Adam on April 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Turn About Seems To Be Fair Play .”

  1. The big difference in this game and the previous one was the net minder. It made me sick to see such lackluster play from our #! six million dollar goalie. I especially love to see him down on the ice with an easy save coming at him and he just watches it go by. (I sincerely hope we make it past even four games.)

    That game WAS needed to help secure home ice. Oh, well, we lost that too. I will just never understand why it seems that the goalies from all the other teams are able to stop our scoring but our elite goalie can’t stop them. SAD!!!!!!! GO STARS!!!!!!

  2. I get frustrated with Turco’s performance sometimes , too . I do not understand why he sometimes misses the easy saves and gets the hard ones .
    I think that the biggest difference in the games was that the whole team did not come out to play from the beggining . They played like they were not sure if they wanted to at all . The Coyotes seemed to have their number from the beginning .

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