(Tampa) Baywatch

 Episode Seventeen

 The Tampa Bay Lightning lost their final home game to the Thrashers by a score of two to zero . The score sounds worse than it actually was . There was no scoring until Ilya Kovalchuk scored the game winner near the fifteen minute mark . The other goal was an empty net one . Those kinds of goals are like winning second place . Yes , you got it , but it really is not the best that there is .
 I had to listen to the game over internet radio and I was sometimes confused . Most of the play-by-play was about Halpern , Jokinen , Smitty and Lehtonen (they pronounced his name the same way as I pronounce Lehtinen , so you can understand my confusion) . There were times that I could almost pretend it was Our Dallas Stars taking on Atlanta .
 The game was very well played . Both sides played a tremendous game . It was sad that the Bolts could not capitalize on any of the powerplays that they had . I believe they had six of them . Both of the goaltenders played their hearts out . Smith and Lehtonen made some great saves that had the play-by-play guy near tears .

 Mike Smith got the start and stopped twenty-three of twenty four shots . He also earned the third star of the game with his tear bringing performance .
 Jeff Halpern had nineteen and a half minutes of ice time . He had two shots on goal . He took a wrist injury several games back and is not taking faceoffs . His wingers have been taking the faceoffs and they have not been doing a bad job of it . Michel Ouelett (for those of you who do not know , it is pronounced “mi-shel” “oo-lay” and sometimes “oo-let”, I would have never gotten it right if I had only read his name) and Mathieu Darche are becoming some of my favorite players to hear their names . When Halpern is on the ice , it seems that they play great together .
 Jussi Jokinen had over twenty minutes of ice time . He had three shots on goal . Since his move to Tampa , he has had a huge jump in his time on the ice . I am sure that it has been quite an adjustment for him , especially since , now, he is playing beside two very offensive-minded players . Lecavalier and St.Louis are all about offense . I am honestly surprised that he has not scored more on the same line as those two guys . It takes time to adjust and I am sure that next season he will mesh better with them than he does now . That and I think he will be more used to having as much ice time as he is seeing .

  I also talked to a woman who lives in Tampa Bay and she was pleased to inform me that she was the first person to have Jussi Jokinen to sign his Tampa Bay jersey for a fan . She has also informed me that Smitty is a real fan favorite since he posted his first shutout for the Bolts on March 15th against the Rangers . She has said that she has talked with him on many occasions but she still will not invite him to play Guitar Hero with her despite my best pleadings with her to do so  .


~ by Adam on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “(Tampa) Baywatch”

  1. I’ve listened to the end of a few games over the internet and boy was it a beating! I realize Phil Esposito is a legend but I found it very hard to listen to him. And yes, the play-by-play guy does get quite emotional. Really made me appreciate Ralph and Razor.

    I took a look at the ice time numbers from the last game. It just amazes me the difference between their stats and ours. I can see why Richards might be having some difficulty adjusting to the difference in rhythm of the game. Did you see that Boyle played over 30 minutes!?!

    So glad to hear the fan feed back. The messages on the blogs I’ve checked out have been very positive. But then how could anyone not like Smitty?!?

  2. She has said that she has talked with him on many occasions but she still will not invite him to play Guitar Hero with her despite my best pleadings with her to do so .

    I knew there was something I should have done before Smitty got traded…I bet I could kick his ass at Guitar Hero, too.

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