Bad News , Good News ?

 The bad news is that Our Dallas Stars lost in the shootout to the Anaheim Ducks .
 The questionably good news is that Our Dallas Stars have secured a playoff berth with the point from the loss against the Ducks . It is good news that Our Stars are going to the playoffs , but I certainly do not like the way they got the point that got them there . I hate that they earned their way in with a point from a loss . It would have been so much better for them to get to that point with a win against the Ducks .
 There are all kinds of theories on who Our Stars will play in the first round , but I prefer not to buy into theories and just let things unfold . After all , none of us can do anything about it anyway . Why not just sit back and enjoy the ride there ?
 The game against the Ducks started with the Ducks attacking immediately . I was discouraged by this . At about the eighteen and a half minute mark , there was some terrible ugliness in front of Turco , but he cleaned it up to keep things scoreless . Barnes took a weak hooking call and after that penalty expired , our four and a quarter million dollar pylon took an interference penalty . That one cost the game’s first goal . Schneider beat a screened Turco from a long shot on the other side of the faceoff circles . Crombeen and O’Donnell decide to put their dislike for each other into actions for a weak fight . Mittens goes to the box for tripping immediately after the fight for yet another Ducks powerplay . After that powerplay ended , Our Stars finally get their offense started . They attack and Pahlsson goes to the box when he panics and commits a tripping penalty . Richards , Robidas , Eriksson and Ribs manage to get a nice little attack going , but the are held scoreless . Mittens seemed to be invisible on this powerplay but I swear he was on the ice . Turco clipped May right at the end of the period and got away with it . He did the exact same thing in the last game and Our Stars paid for it severely . I was not pleased with his behavior , but at least he got away with it . This period was a conga line of Our Stars players to the penalty box and it cost them . The Ducks played very physical and dominated the period thanks to the incessant penalties committed by Our Stars . Despite a very tilted rink first period , Marty Turco made some huge saves . He held the game at a decent score when it could have very easily been two or three to nothing .
 The second period showed Bertuzzi going to the box less than a minute in . The Stars powerplay was riddled with offsides and Our Stars could get nothing going offensively . Crombeen and Petersen had a huge chance on Giguere but the attack was not destined for a goal . Cap’n Morrow took a roughing call after a little shoving match , but he should not have been alone in the box if they had made the calls correctly . When the penalty ends , The Cap’n gets a pass from Modano and draws the coverage to open Mo back up and he slams the puck behind Giguere for Our Stars first goal to knot the score at one a piece . Bertuzzi took an accidental highstick to his face and immediately runs to the bench to pinch his face to see if he can make it bleed for a double minor . He could not manage a drop of blood , so Robi only got the regular two minute variety . The Stars manage to kill off yet another penalty and Mittens , Ribs , and The Cap’n manage a great attack . The intensity of the game is finally amped up to the right level at about the eight minute mark . A short time later , Our Stars all go behind the net and Schneider scores again . Stu takes a hooking call for what perceived action  , I do not know . Daley took an invisible hook as well and the Ducks get a five-on-three chance . Our Stars manage to kill that off beautifully and they manage to make it into the third period with the score only two to one . This period needed improvement from Our Stars from their hockey sense . They were beaten for most of the puck battles . They still were taking way too many penalties even if they were imagined . It is hard to have a winning period without the puck on your stick .
 The third period had a few seconds left on Daley’s minor . They expired safely and then The Cap’n , Lehtinen and Ribs attack the Ducks hard . Richards , Eriksson and Mo follow that up with good attacks of their own . Hagman takes advantage of the assist provided to him from Bergeron and buries the puck in the net . Beauchemin goes to the box and The Cap’n gets cross-checked on the resulting powerplay but that never was called . As soon as that powerplay ended , the Stars go back on the powerplay when the Ducks get called for too many men on the ice . What followed short handed for the Ducks , can only be called horrid nastiness . Thankfully the hockey gods were smiling on Our Stars and the loose puck bounced away from the goal post that it hit . Rob Niedermeyer committed a hook a short time later , but , still no goals for Our Stars on a weak powerplay . Turco made some huge saves in this period and Our Stars looked much better in this period than they had in the past two . With the score tied at two , this went to overtime .
 Despite huge chances by both teams , the overtime period was scoreless . It was not for lack of trying , though . Both teams had their chances , but both goalies answered every shot .
 The shootout was annoying . Every shooter that the Ducks sent out beat Turco . He did manage to take just enough away from Getzlav to deny his bid for a goal but the hockey god’s post saved him again . Seeing Richards bang in his attempt was encouraging after seeing Sellane score . Kunitz faked out Turco and he scored . Lehtinen could not beat Giguere to keep the shootout going . Thus ended the game .

 A Point Is A Point ; 

 As I said , I hate to get to the playoffs with a point from a loss , but I guess as long as it gets us there , it does not matter . Besides , how many other points have Our Stars gotten from overtime losses this season .
 Marty Turco played great right up until the shootout . I am not sure what happened , but he just seemed to fall off and buy into what every Ducks player was faking . Ott was quoted on as saying that Turco was their best player .
 Dave Tippett seemed pleased with the performance despite the loss . He called it a good game .
 All of Our Stars players played well , but not up to their 100% playing that they can . They did do better , but were obviously tired after playing the night before . I think that if they had been well rested , they would have pulled it off . That and they would not have taken so many penalties . 
 On an off-hand note , I hereby award the Anaheim Ducks with “The Ugliest Players In The NHL” Award . Selanne hurts my eyes , Parros looks like a bad seventies porn star reject , Getzlav is terribly ugly and shares his huge head problem with Schneider . They earn this award by miles . Second place will be awarded later .


~ by Adam on March 31, 2008.

10 Responses to “Bad News , Good News ?”

  1. Totally agree. The who theorising about first round opponents means nothing for the Stars. It matters not who we play in the first round, the challenge is the Stars beating their own demons, not the other team.

  2. AMEN !

  3. Hey Adam, glad to see you’re back up to full speed. I’m concerned about a couple of things. First, Tipp’s comments about them being tired. As far as road trips go and back-to-back games this seemed like a fairly benign one. If they didn’t have their energy up for such a big game now how will they handle the play-offs? Second, penalties are out of control. Can’t keep depending on our penalty-kill plus how can we get any offense going?

    Also, I don’t pretend to understand how or why Tipp picks his lines but shouldn’t we have our biggest/hardest hitting guys on the ice against Anaheim. Scratched Fistric, Winchester, Lundqvist and Barch? What am I missing?

  4. First , I understand your concern with the back to back games . They should have been tired and they were . They put out a lot of energy scoring and keeping up their attacks on the Kings . They played the Ducks in the next game and they absolutely pounded them every single shift . They KNEW Our Stars were tired and they checked harder than usual . However , games in the playoffs are not back to back . They have a day in between the two games . It is not lots of rest (especially with the 2hrs time change) but it is more rest than a back to back game set . I think they will do fine in the playoffs with one day “off” in between games . Both teams will be traveling and that will even things out .
    Second , penalties ARE out of control . They should be more disciplined in their game play . Some of the calls in this game were very weak . Our $4.25 million pylon has taken at least one (sometimes more) penalty every game for four games in a row now . I am sure that Tippett is addressing this and will make them clean up their gameplay . At least I hope that he does .
    Third , Tippett’s line changes do not always make sense to me either . He did say in his interview on The Ticket the other day that there is a method to his madness . In the interview they accuse him of having ADD with his lines just like we have . He does make sense in his mind , even if it does not in ours . I think that he is trying to get Petersen and Crombeen ready to play in the playoffs . Fistric and Grossman are bieng rotated in and out since Boucher came back . I expect for one of them to be re-assigned to Iowa when Zubov returns (them being swapped out implies that Tippett is uncertain of which one of them it will be) . I watched Winchester in practice one day and saw him taking shots at an empty net from the right faceoff circle . He could not even hit the net or the crossbar with more than five shots (and he took ALOT of shots) . Barch and Winchester both fight alot (in fact Barch has fought May EVERYTIME Our Stars have played the Ducks) and with all of the penalties that Our Stars have taken , they do not need more . Being down men for five minutes makes other players pick up LONG shifts . Lundqvist I do not understand other than Crombeen and Petersen need time to get ready for the playoffs .
    I really do not completely understand Tippett’s train of thought with his lines . Lundqvist , Barnes and Halpern were the only line who did anything in the playoffs last season and Tippett never had them together this season except for one single game . I honestly believe that Tippett sealed Halpern’s fate when he never played them together this season . I also never understood why Connor has not come back up . He can score and he is fast . I thought that a speedy winger was what Richards wanted to score more often .
    I hope that helps you out a little . I just re-read what I wrote and I think I confused me .

  5. Not confusing at all. Thanks for the insights and for letting me bounce stuff off you with out fear of retribution! We’re still pretty green hockey fans at our house, but even with all the ups and downs we have really enjoyed our first year as Stars fans. Looking forward to our first play-off experience!

  6. It is no problem . You have great responses and for being “green” , I think you have caught on VERY well .
    I try not to talk down to or be rude to anybody . There is never a need for that . Preds fans from Trashville are the exception , though . They already made my most hated list .
    The playoffs will be wild . Perhaps even literally .

  7. I hear ya on Trashville–we picked up on those bad vibes pretty quickly. Tootoo and their coach are really scary dudes. (Possible runners-up for your “Ugliest Players in the NHL” Award?)

  8. Yeah , Barry Trotz (who is the Preds’ coach) was separated at birth from a troll . You know , the kind from the 80’s that had great big nasty coloured hair ? That’s them . Twins . Tootoo is not really that ugly when you compare him to Roberto Loungo . That man’s face can make a train take a dirt road .

  9. Okay, I think I had one of those trolls, they were way cuter than Trotz! Plus, I’m afraid everytime I see Steve Ott’s goatee thingy, I think of those trolls and we love Otter! (Razor called him a petulant little ice troll once and now he will forever be that for us.)

    I don’t know what Roberto Loungo looks like. I must go look him up.

  10. I love that Razor calls Ott an ice troll . It fits his agitator role for the team very well .
    When you look up Roberto Luongo be careful . His face will break your screen if you are not prepared for it . He might be a talented goalie , but DAMN , keep the goalie mask on !

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