(Tampa) Baywatch

  Episode sixteen

 It is odd that when Our Dallas Stars win , seemingly our displaced Stars ‘ players do , too . The Tampa Bay Lightning beat out the Carolina Hurricanes by a score of two to one .
 Mike Smith did not get the start , but was dressed for the game . Perhaps they are giving him time to recover completely . Since they are not going to the play-offs and there is no real need to rush him back , rest is probably the wisest choice . 
 Jeff Halpern played great . He was everywhere . The stats will not show it , but he truly earned his second star of the game . He played fabulous . He played over nineteen minutes and had three shots on goal . He scored the game winning goal .
 Jussi Jokinen played fabulous as well . He earned the second star of the game . He had the primary assist on Halpern’s goal and scored a goal of his own to tie the game at one a piece in the second period . He had over nineteen minutesof ice time and had two shots on goal . He also went one for two in the face off circle .

 It really is surprising that when Our Stars do well , ALL of them do well . I think it is pretty ironic . I hope our players in Tampa continue to do well . Some of them are stuck there for a while .


~ by Adam on March 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “(Tampa) Baywatch”

  1. What I think is interesting is that is seems the guys we trade pretty much ALWAYS do better with the new team as opposed to Dallas. Kind of makes you wonder if our coaching system needs some changes. I really do miss those three and I think it was a bad move. I like Brad Richards and I think he will be a “star” on the Stars but isn’t it strange how much better he played while on the Bolts and now he says he is having difficulty learning our system. Do ya’ think if we quit changing lines around all the guys would get much more comfortable and develop more chemistry with their mates? It’s sad to see so many guys with so much talent being stymied. I’m glad we have Brad but I wish it hadn’t come at such a high price.

  2. You have brought up an interesting subject with the coaching system .
    I like Tippett and I think that he is a good coach , but it does seem that the players do not listen to him as often as they should . We all know that Our Stars have the ability to win , but sometimes they just look like they are not interested in working for it . That is where the coach should come in and force the players do their jobs . As I have said before , I like Tippett but only recently has he started punishing the team for not doing their jobs . Can you imagine what our separate work environments would be like if none of our co-workers were punished for their poor performances ? I still have faith in Tippett and think that he can continue to be a good coach , he just has to be harder on the players when they do not perform . That , and settle down the ADD with the line changes ……
    I totally agree with your thoughts about the line changes . The expierementing with different lines should be finished by now . Richards should have a “home” line and fit in , but they have played few games (compared to Tampa Bay) since he arrived and he seems to play with different players every time he steps on the ice .
    I have often mirrored your thoughts on the trade . It may be a mixed bag trade , but I honestly feel that it cost Our Dallas Stars far too much . I guess we will see in the post-season if it was truly worth the cost .
    Your comment is a very well thought out one . Thank you for taking the time to write it .

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