Finally One In The Win Column

 Our Dallas Stars knocked off the Kings with an incredibly one-sided scoring event . It was exactly what they needed after the game against the Sharks where they had the chance to win but shot themselves in the foot . This win is a huge one . It bolsters the players confidence so that now they feel like they can out-play their competition . They have certainly have proven that they can win . Now that they remember that they can , they should be able to win against the Ducks .
 I know that beating up on the Kings (who are the worst team in the league) should not really be this big of a deal , but it is . Here is why : If Our Stars had simply won the game , it might have been enough for the win , but it would do nothing for the team’s confidence . The Stars absolutely blew out the Kings and they should have if they were firing on all cylinders . Now that they have a little bit of confidence going into another very big game today . 
 When Turco was quoted before the game as saying that game was the biggest of their careers and Ribiero said that it was the biggest game of the season , I was pleased that they finally seemed to recognize the seriousness of their situation . During the intermission interview , even Boucher said that work ethic was lacking in past recent games . Now , hopefully that kind of garbage is done with and over .
 There were still some defensive issues in the game that must be addressed before they play the Ducks , but it was much improved from just a few games before . If they allow the same two-on-one chances or the three-on-two chances , the Ducks will burn them . I am positive about the game’s play . I was also pleased in the lack of excessive penalties that were senseless . The too many men on the ice penalty was a penalty that could have been avoided , but at least it was not continuous mistakes like in the game against San Jose .
 It only took an entire month to post a decent win by Our Dallas Stars . I am so glad they won . I was so depressed that it was driving my poor wife insane . Even worse than that , my pre-game superstitions were getting pretty outrageous . Let us just hope that they can beat out the Ducks tonight .
 I am short on time now , but I will post a game recap probably tomorrow with the recap of tonight’s game against the Ducks .


~ by Adam on March 30, 2008.

One Response to “Finally One In The Win Column”

  1. Your “poor wife” is much happier when the Stars win !
    I hope that we can have roasted Ducks tonight !
    GO STARS !!

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