(Tampa) Baywatch

 Episode fifteen

 The Tampa Bay Lightning lost their decision against the Capitals on Thursday . With Smitty on the injured list , I was not really surprised . I , personally , do not have near as much faith in Ramo as the Bolts coach does , but he really had no choice with putting in Ramo , since Smitty is probably out for a few more games . Mike Smith was injured during a practice when Lecavalier fell on him .
 Jeff Halpern started the scoring for the Bolts . He had over eighteen minutes of ice time and went one for four in the face-off circle . He had only one shot on goal and was only one of three Bolt players to end the game a +1 . He also had two hits (according to the score sheet but for those of us who have seen him play , we know he made more than that) . He also was one of only three Bolt players to have quiet time in the penalty box .
 Jussi Jokinen had over  twenty-one minutes of ice time . He went four for nine in the face-off circle (the Bolts try to keep him out of there) . He also had two shots on goal and ended the game as an ugly -2 .

 Despite the loss in overtime , the Bolts did play very well . They managed to silence Ovechkin and hold him pointless . That is not an easy thing for any team to do .


~ by Adam on March 29, 2008.

One Response to “(Tampa) Baywatch”

  1. I don’t think Tortorells has that much faith in Ramo – he just doesn’t have anyone else. He said in an interview that Ramo would be better off spending next season in the AHL to mature so Smitty could have the starting job.

    I love the way Jeffy has been playing for them. It’s good to see that he’s a force out there.


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