I Have Returned And With An Attitude .

  Yesterday morning , I finally felt well enough to drag myself out of the bed that had been my prison for a few days . I started checking in with various sources around the league and the internet only to find that I had missed out on very few things . My favorite one so far is something I could not pass up on blogging about . I had originally thought to hold this blog idea until after the season had ended , but after reading the things in the forum , I could not wait .

 In a forum that I frequent , I came across a post that posed the question as to whether the Richards trade was paying off the way that everyone hoped that it would . There were all kinds of responses that said things like , “I still think it is a positive thing” and “Just because Our Stars are not winning now , does not mean anything because the trade was made for the long run , Richards still has two years left on his contract “. And then , my personal favorite , “Next season we will go deep into the playoffs and the following year we will be in Cup contention” . I love those people . These are the same people who assured me in my doubts that Richards would lead Our Stars charging gloriously into the playoffs with the battle flag raised high above him and help beat down all opposition . Now all they can talk about is how Our Dallas Stars will most likely not win The Cup , and they are already talking as though the post-season has already ended . They are ALREADY focusing on next season . Quality job . That shows lots of faith in the team (and their precious Brad Richards) . Where are the same people who assured me of a new battle flag carrier ? Isn’t Richards supposed to lead the charge ? Isn’t he supposed to be “The New Face Of The Team” ? What happened to those people ?  
 I was originally sceptical of the trade in the first place . I did not think that we had the better end of the deal . The statistics since the trade DO NOT lie . If you look them over you will see who received the better out of the deal .
 Let us take a moment and compare only the offensive side of the trade and pretend that goaltenders were not a part of the equation . For all practical purposes , the Lightning only wanted Mike Smith and replacement offensive players to equal Brad Richards’ percieved “worth” .
 Brad Richards , since the trade , has  posted two goals and seven assists . He has played nine games with The Stars . He came with a price tag of $7.8 million a year . (Let us not forget he was a very ugly -15 on the +/- rankings when he arrived here – the absolute worst on Tampa’s roster . There are reasons behind that statistic – you earn your +/- ranking just like you do goals)
 Jussi Jokinen has posted one goal and eight assists since the trade . He has played in fourteen games for the Bolts . He costs Tampa Bay $1.75 million a season (if you recall , he signed a new contract at the start of the season) .
 Jeff Halpern has posted seven goals and eight assists since the trade . He has played in thirteen games for the Bolts (he missed one game due to injury and he started another game , but after thirteen seconds of his first shift , he was injured missing the rest of that game as well , so in all fairness , he has really only played twelve complete games in Tampa) . He costs Tampa Bay $2 million a season (at least until his contract expires) .
 The Stars lost two offensive players instead of one and it screwed up the team’s chemistry . They did win without both players the day of the trade , but The Stars are now short on experienced players and are forced to call up Iowa for inexperienced reinforcements . That does not bode well for the playoffs that are looming ever closer . 
 I did not like this trade from the beginning and now I am forced to say that it was a poor decision . Hull and Jackson said that they were looking for a scoring winger and they failed on both parts . Richards is not a winger and he does not score regularly . I do not like the trade , but it is done . Yes , I realize that Richards averages a point a game but when you earn all of your points in one game , it does not go very far in the long run . If any player had scored five goals and four assists in one game but had gone pointless for the next nine games , on paper , he would not look that bad , but in reality he would look more like he is not trying to do anything for those other nine games . That is exactly what we are currently looking at with Richards .
 No , I do not think it is fair to say that Our Dallas Stars have been doing poorly BECAUSE of Richards , but he is not helping . They just do not seem to want to help themselves . They have the ability to win and have proven it . Like Dave Tippett said in his interview today on 1310 am “The Ticket” , “(We) have found ways to lose……last month we found ways to win” . The Stars have to find those ways to win again . I still believe in Our Dallas Stars , no matter who is on the ice . I just wish we had our other players back ……… but if wishes were fishes , there would be no room in the ocean for water .


~ by Adam on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “I Have Returned And With An Attitude .”

  1. I am trying not to blame Richards for this. It’s hard not to though lol But at the same time, it’s hard to know that this slump would’ve happened even had we not ‘made a splash’ during the trade deadline.

  2. I like how we wrote close to the same thing. I love your hockey thoughts!

    I miss our Tampa guys too.. I wish they could just all come back and we could go back to the way things were, but I know that’s not possible. We just have to hope for this group to get it together, and if not, there needs to be some serious rebuilding done.


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