When Losses Pile Up , Depression Follows .

 And it has been a very depressing month so far . I wish that Our Dallas Stars had won against the Ducks . It hurt worse than the loss to Vancouver , or Detroit , or Colorado , or …… Must I continue ? I have to side with my friends and ask , where are my “February” Dallas Stars ? Oh , wait three of them left for Tampa Bay didn’t they ? Moving on from that cheap shot ……..
 Stars Live on FSN is always enjoyable . They started by showing the Casino Night that Our Dallas Stars host every year at a local car dealership . It was enjoyable to watch the players with fans in such a relaxed environment . They interviewed Jere Lehtinen during his warm-up skate . It was fairly short , but I always enjoy all things Lehtinen , he is , after all , The King of Little Things (and my favorite player) . The commentators talked about how Dallas’ power-play has really been struggling . Ironic .
 The game started with an attack by Our Stars off the opening face-off . Ryan took a hooking penalty later , but Our Stars manage no shots on goal for the entire power-play . Barch and May decide to pick up with round four . When Our Stars play the Ducks in the play-offs , they might kill each other . Miettinen took a hooking penalty much later in the period and Our Stars go on the penalty kill . Cap’n Morrow does not seem to mind and scores a short-handed goal . After the power-play ended , Giguere got a very early whistle and the puck never looked to me like it was controlled . This period was not a bad one at all . Our Stars played well and actually looked ready to play , unlike in a few other recent contests .
 The second period started very similarly to the first period . Our Stars were playing very well until Norstrom took a tripping penalty . Scott Niedermayer evened up the score with an assist from that loser Selanne . Turco never had a chance on the shot . He was completely screened by a Ducks’ player standing two inches from him in his own crease . Where were our defensemen ? Giguere took a tripping call and The Cap’n took a diving call that he was still not pleased with in his interview on “The Ticket” this afternoon . Lehtinen , Hagman and Richards later get a great chance but it ended with Hagman losing his helmet in a shoving match . Robidas took a hooking call and the period ended with the Ducks on the power-play .
The third period started with the Ducks attacking and having way too much time in Our Stars’ zone . The game moved pretty swiftly and both teams had great attacks that were answered by both goaltenders . Our Stars still seemed like they had the upper hand in the battle , though . After one of those attacks , Rob Niedermayer ended up being tackled to the ice by Niskanen . I had to laugh at that . Our Stars went on a four minute power-play and never even managed to get set up in the Ducks’ zone . Much later in the game , Morrow and Bertuzzi bump into each other . Bertuzzi acts like he was absolutely hamstrung and falls to the ice floundering . I have never in my entire life seen better acting . When Iginla took a knee while still skating and drew a tripping call , that was a close second . Sadly , Bertuzzi was the one who managed to somehow get the puck under Turco’s arm and past the red line for the game’s final goal . If it had been Giguere holding the puck , I bet the whistle would have come faster and there would not have been a goal at all .

 Mouthing At The Refs Earns You Two In The Box ;

 Despite the obvious poor calling of the game , the loss cannot be blamed on the refs . Our Stars simply did not capitalize on the chances that they had . Our Stars had many power-play opportunities , but they failed miserably on almost everyone . Some of the power-plays they never even managed to get set up in the Ducks’ zone . This MUST change if Our Stars want to win again .
 Despite not posting many goals , Our Stars did not play terribly . Almost all the lines managed decent even strength attacks . Miettinen , Richards , Hagman , Eriksson , Ribiero , Modano , Robidas and over half of the team had good chances to score . They just could not beat Giguere despite twenty-one shots at him . It is too bad that the losing streak had to continue . 
 I really hate it when Our Dallas Stars lose . It makes for hard days . I get so depressed when they lose . It is so much better when they win . I work with a Devils’ fan and he hates Our Stars . I love to rub it in that Our Stars won . It is hard to go to work when his team does better than mine .


~ by Adam on March 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “When Losses Pile Up , Depression Follows .”

  1. Hey Adam, I heard Morrow on “The Ticket” today as well. The longer he talked the more hacked he got all over again. Can’t blame him. Last night the Hubbie had to tell me four, yes that’s four, times what the call was before it finally soaked in. I don’t think Morrow is constitutional capable of taking a real dive. Well, he is a great hockey player so by definition he probably could, but I don’t think so!

    P.S. Please don’t tell anyone I actually listen to “The Ticket”! It’s only for the hockey talk, I promise–can’t find it anywhere else around here! Plus, I know Bob Sturm’s wife and she is really nice.

  2. Myra, I listen to the Ticket every so often. I’d rather listen to ESPN radio than the Ticket, mainly because Bob’s the only guy on the Ticket I can remotely take seriously about hockey.

    That being said, I’m just going to expect that this is a small lag before they get fired up again, just like we’ve seen all season. Sure it’s not opportune, but maybe this will get their heads in gear and make them a little more fired up.

  3. I only listen to the Ticket or ESPN radio when hockey talk is on . Sadly , most of the time it is all stupid when they rarely talk about hockey . Morrow’s interviews are enjoyable but I do not like most of what either station has to say . I know more about some of the things they talk about .
    I do enjoy the rare occasion I can catch Razor’s show .

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