(Tampa) Baywatch

 Poor Tampa Bay Lightning . While Our Dallas Stars were busy attempting to beat out the Ducks , the Bolts were trying to win one over the Sabres . The final score may not look like it , but they did very well . At least they did until the third period , and then the wheels fell off , literally .

 Jeff Halpern started the scoring for the game . He also had over twenty minutes of ice time and two shots on goal . He was credited with two hits and one take-away . But if you have ever seen him play , you know he gave more hits than that .
 Jussi Jokinen had the primary assist on the Bolts’ third goal . He logged over eighteen minutes of ice time and won the only face-off he took . I have noticed that his time on the ice is evening out . Not only is he just on the power-play , but he is also logging time on the penalty kill .
 Mike Smith did not see the ice from on top of it . I really have to wonder why , though . After Buffalo scored their second goal in less than thirty seconds , I would have thought twice before allowing Ramo to stay in there . Those two goals put the score at four to three . I certainly would have pulled him once the score reached six to four . especially since it was the exact same three guys who combined for both assists and earned the goals (Vanek – hat trick , Roy all three primary assists , Stafford all three secondary assists) . I guess at that point the coaches had already given up .
 I think the coaches in Tampa Bay are crazy for not starting Smitty . He had a shutout last time he played . Of course , it does help when your defensemen play , as well .


~ by Adam on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “(Tampa) Baywatch”

  1. We were watching the scores while at the Stars game and saw the jump from 4-1 to 4-7 for the final. Boy was I glad when I got home and saw that Smitty had not been in goal! Yeah, I was shocked that they didn’t pull Ramo at some point, especially with the way Smitty has been playing. As far as not starting Smitty, I read that the coach was going to trade starts for a while to give both playing time and see what develops. Guess he doesn’t go by Tip’s rule that if you get a shutout you always get the next start.

  2. I was so surprised that Ramo wasn’t pulled. And Myra has a point – Tipp tends to ride the hot goalie, I guess TB’s coach doesn’t do the same.

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