The Loss Against Vancouver Hurts In More Ways Than One .

 It was bad enough that Our Dallas Stars lost to Detroit , but to lose to Vancouver as well , and when points are really critical , it hurts . The loss hurts in more ways than one because it was a very ugly goal that won it and because Our Stars played so horribly for Johan Holmqvist’s first start in net . He did not deserve to have the team perform so poorly in front of him . I feel bad for him . 
 The first period of the game was terribly played by Our Stars . They suffered from too many turn overs and it cost them three goals . A turn over by Fistric allowed Pettinger’s goal to start the Canucks’ scoring . Holmqvist at one point was forced to deal with Naslund and Pettinger and never had a chance to stop that goal . Naslund’s third hit on the puck on yet another scoring chance knocked the puck free from Holmqvist’s leg for the game’s third goal . Our Stars finally woke up at the end of the first period with about three and a half minutes left in the period . Joel Lundqvist scored with the assist coming from Eriksson with less than a minute remaining in the first . Vancouver absolutely dominated the first ten minutes of the game and Our Stars were unable to get things moving forward until Lundqvist finally scored . This was a very difficult period to watch . Our Stars looked like they had not practiced or played together in weeks . They looked rusty and they were slow to get after the puck . It really annoyed me that Daryl “Razor” Reaugh , OUR commentator , did nothing but talk about how great of a goalie Luongo is of a goalie for most of the period . That just added insult to injury . Only two positive things came out of this period and those were , that Lundqvist woke up his teammates and that I could hear the HAVOC Fanatics cheering despite the poor performance by Our Stars . 
 The second period started with Holmqvist on the bench and Steve Ott on a remote feed with the commentators  . Ott mentioned that Tippett’s move of putting Turco in net was more of a message to the rest of the team than a message to Holmqvist . Our Stars started the period attacking Vancouver and had enough successes that they drew a few penalties for power-plays . A five-on-three power-play generated enough momentum that when it ended , Modano scored on a screened Luongo on a five-on-four power-play . Great acting sent Modano to the box a little later , but Richards was , perhaps , a little annoyed by the call and scored a short-handed goal on the resulting power-play . The period ended with Our Stars on the power-play thanks to a hook by Bieksa and his mouth earned him an additional two minutes for mouthing off to the refs about it .
 Despite having the extra two minutes of power-play time to start the third period , Our Stars , could not capitalize on the long shifts in the Canucks’ zone . Off a weird hop from a centering “toss” , the puck rolled down Morrison and somehow into the net and behind Turco . I thought that with him in the crease and in the position he was in , it should have been called goalie interference , but the goal , sadly , stood up as the eventual game winner . Our Stars played better than in the first , but not well enough to get through Luongo again . Despite pulling Turco in the final minute of the game , Our Stars could not manage to get the puck in the net . All of the icing calls ate up the majority of the time remaining and the fact that the linesman ended up defending the puck from Our Stars in the final seconds did not help either .

 Two Straight Losses ;

 I am really annoyed to see Our Stars lose and drop in the standings because they seem to play slow in the first period of games . They have got to play for all sixty minutes of the game and not just forty minutes . The goal that was the game winner may have been terribly ugly and undeserved , but they just could not get the job done to score to win the game . Looking at Our Stars being the fifth seed in the West really is hurtful when only two games ago , they were within three points of being in first place in the West .
 Our Stars’ fourth line had many hits and did their best to try to get things going . Winchester , Barch and Barnes played well , despite earning no goals .
 Johan Holmqvist did not deserve to be on the receiving end of what he got . His first start should have had a team ready to play in front of him and not just allowed him to be tossed out to feed the wolves like it looked like he was .
 Steve Ott said that when he returns to from his suspension , he will continue his physical play . I , for one , am glad he will not change his style . I just hope he does not jump to hit anyone again . Our Dallas Stars really could have used him in the past two games .
 Despite being skipped over for Luongo to be named third star of the game , Mitchell earned it . Especially after the power-play in which he stopped a shot with his face and then clearing the puck out of the zone when he could barely make it to the bench for the change .
 The San Jose Sharks currently sit in the number one spot in the Pacific and , sadly , that is unlikely to change unless Our Stars start getting their act together and the Sharks start coming apart at the seems . Both things are possible . I just want Our Stars to win . They desperately need to move past the first round this season .


~ by Adam on March 17, 2008.

One Response to “The Loss Against Vancouver Hurts In More Ways Than One .”

  1. Went and watched practice for the first time today. Pretty cool that they have it open to the public like that. Surprisingly, Tip appears to be keeping the same lines he used against Vancouver and I believe about the same as what he used in the big Chicago(Brad Richards)game. Maybe he’s gonna give line continuity a try, we’ll see. Since I haven’t been to practice before I have no comparison but they looked pretty sharp to me.

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