Everybody in the hockey world knows by now what Chris Pronger did to Ryan Kesler , so I will not bore you with that , but I will complain about the suspension .
 The NHL handed down their version of “justice” to the Anaheim Ducks’ captain today . Sadly , it was not the thirty game suspension that it should have been . It was only a measly eight game suspension .
 After my complaints about Steve Ott’s suspension , you may think that I am partial to my team and my team only but there is a clear cut difference in what Pronger did , and what Ott did . Ott hit a player and his feet left the ice . He injured the player but I honestly do not believe there was any intent to injure . A player’s intent can be argued , but that WAS Ott’s first suspension . He is not a repeat offender , despite what the opposing teams may tell you .
 Chris Pronger , on the other hand , INTENTIONALLY STOMPED on Ryan Kesler with intent . You may want to argue that there was no intent in this , but the video clearly shows that he had no other reason to put his foot on Kesler at all . He only lost his balance AFTER he stepped on Kesler – NOT before . His foot was clearly free when he put his foot back on Kesler . Pronger has been suspended for other unsportsmanlike actions before .
 I find this suspension particularly hard to swallow because of the simple fact that Pronger IS a  repeat offender . I also find it difficult to deal with because it looks like the NHL WANTS him to be able to play in the post-season no matter what he does .
 I do not think that forfeiting his $600,000 + in pay and eight games off was enough . I hope he chokes on his caviar and the only person around to give him mouth to mouth is a four hundred pound , sweaty sumo wrestler with a drooling disorder . Drink it up , Pronger , drink it up .


~ by Adam on March 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Unreal”

  1. I just posted about this very thing on my myspace blog. I’m going to cut and paste a section from mine here, as it really expresses my thoughts on why the suspension was so weak…

    Earlier this season the NHL suspended Chris Simon for 30 games after he was found guilty of stomping on the ankle of Pittsburgh Penguin Jarkko Ruutu. Does it not seem odd then that Chris Pronger would only receive 8 games?

    The Chris Simon suspension was long because Simon was considered a “repeat offender”, and someone that needed to learn the hard way.

    What does that make Pronger, who now has been suspended 8 times in his career. Surely we don’t need to remind you of last season where he received 2 suspensions during the playoffs for rough / dirty play, including that elbow to the head of Dean McAmmond in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    The answer is there, if you look hard enough. Chris Simon is not an all star player, nor a big point scorer, or a crowd drawing player. Chris Pronger is. Chris Simon is not a Norris quality player. Chris Pronger is.

    For the record, i’m EXTREMELY angry at the NHL for having such disgusting double standards.

  2. Well said . I could not agree with your thoughts more .

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