Stars Lose Game and Perhaps The Pacific Division .

 Our Dallas Stars played great hockey for about forty minutes of the game but they needed sixty minutes of good playing in order to beat the Detroit Dead Things . Last night (March 13th) , they did not have that . They had a great start but collapsed half way through the game .

 The pre-game talk was all about Steve Ott’s suspension and how outraged some of Our Stars fans were . Razor even said that he thought it was too much  for the crime he committed . I have already expressed my thoughts on the subject , so we need not expand on it here . I simply wanted to note that there were others , in more prominent positions , who disagreed with the punishment .
 The game started with Our Dallas Stars scoring within the first minute and a half . Daley hammered the puck into the net on an assist from Lundqvist . Our Stars’ attacks were cut short when Lehtinen took a tripping call . Our Stars displayed great puck hounding and rarely lost battles for the puck . They looked sharper on the ice than the Dead Things did . The Dead Things managed to pull themselves together after the goal and their quick passing and fast skating catches Our Stars off balance . They started generating momentum from the power-play and Franzen put one behind Turco . Our Stars attacked back and Hagman and Ribeiro slide a pass behind Osgood through the crease for a nail-bitingly close “almost” but nobody but Wings could get to the puck . The remainder of the period was full of improved defensive hockey after both teams’ defensemen seemed to hang back lethargically earlier in the period . There were many attacks , but no real sustained pressure held by either side . Most of the battles were along the wall or out in the neutral zone .
 The second period started with hard work to keep a play alive by Lundqvist and Lehtinen gets the lead back with the deflection on the shot . When a crazy scramble in front of Turco was finally cleared out , it seemed to slow the Dead Things back down . Ribs and Miettinen drew a hooking call with a hard drive at the net for a Stars power-play . The resulting power-play was all passing and no shooting , which seems to be a chronic , and perhaps a terminal , problem (I know the shooting lanes were full , but come on) . Norstrom later goes to the sin bin for trying to free his stick with both hands that was firmly held onto under a Wings’ player’s arm . Stupid Wings . There were some very scary moments in front of Turco when his teamates started playing Keystone Cops . Everybody got running around crazy but Turco answered the challenge . Daley takes a shot later that Osgood answers and Daley slowly slides into Osgood and knocks him down with a bump . Chelios takes exception at that and attacks him for his “gentle” bump . The Cap’n , Robidas and Ribs combine for an ugly rebound goal that puts Our Stars up by two . Near the end of the period , Grossman makes a huge mistake and turns over the puck to Datsuk . He makes no mistake and buries it in the back of the net . Our Stars fought back and after a whistle , Cap’n Morrow and Franzen play sandbox bullies and start shoving each other (in a crowd) enough for them both to be sent to time-out .
 The third period started with the left-overs from the four-on-four . Datsuk does not mind the open ice and scores to tie the game at three . The Dead Things roared back on the attack and in less than thirty seconds , Samuelsson scores for the Dead Things’ first lead of the game . Once they took the lead , their defense woke up . They almost always had all five players in the defensive zone every time Our Stars tried to get things going offensively . Once they had Our Stars offensively frustrated , they started back on the attack . This frustrates Our Stars even further and Eriksson took a holding call and a little later , Modano took a high-stick call . These two penalties virtually ended any hopes of Our Dallas Stars coming back to win the game . Turco left the net with just over a minute left and Hagman was robbed by Osgood with the extra attacker on . Despite the extra player , Our Stars’ offense faltered and Filppula hits the empty net with seconds left on the clock ending any thoughts Our Stars may have had about winning the game . 

 Stupid Red Wings ;

 The Stars came out in the first period looking determined , but their offense and coverage was taken apart by the Dead Things . The end of the second period was the turning point . The Wings’ coaches must have really ripped their players a new one for them to wake up like that in the third . Our Stars became frustrated and their defense started breaking down . They needed a solid showing against the Dead Things for sixty minutes , but only gave less than forty minutes of solid play before they lost it . It is a shame . Our Stars’ hopes (and mine) of winning the Pacific Division seem to be evaporating just like their lead did .
 During the first intermission , the camera crew panned around the Joe Louis Arena and showed many , many small girls wearing pink Red Wings shirts and other assorted articles of clothing . I was very sad for them all . There ARE laws against child abuse of that kind . I hope the cops catch those evil parents and lock them up forever . Poor children .


~ by Adam on March 14, 2008.

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