Steve Ott’s First Suspension

 First off , I want to warn you that I am about to break one of the cardinal rules of blogging . You know , the rule that says , “Never blog angry” . I am angry and you get to be the poor souls who are “unloaded” on . This blog maybe argumentative , but I can live with arguments .

 My take on Steve Ott’s suspension is this ;

 I am not here to argue whether the hit was legal or not . It does not matter any more but I will say that I have seen hits like that put on other players who were not injured and the player who gave the hit received no penalty or suspensions .
 My whole fight about the hit and the suspension is the fact that when the hit was delivered , no penalty was assesed against Ott . That is mistake number one . Then THREE DAYS AFTER the game , he is suspended for the hit without pay because Leopold was injured . There is mistake number two .
 The way I see it , either the NHL needs to come back and rescind the suspension or the officials who supposedly refereed the game need to come back and apologize for their failure on ice . Neither will happen because neither can be wrong . The truth of the matter is somebody screwed up and somebody needs to have accountability for it . Refs are never punished because they ruined a game and Gary Bettman will never come out and say his staff was wrong . Hell will freeze solid before either happen .
 If the refs apologize for their failure , then they would be acknowledging that they have made mistakes in hockey games that may have affected the outcome of the game and THAT could NEVER happen . They would publicly undermine everything that refs stand for , you know , ludicrous calls and the blind eye being turned on their favorite players’ obviously committed penalty . They would no longer be able to say that referees are infallible . But by failing to make the call in the first place and the suspension ensuing , they should have already done that for those who are paying attention . Sadly , only Stars fans are paying attention and not the NHL’s elite and that leads me into the next part of my complaint .
 The NHL will never say that the suspension is wrong because if they do then they all look like fools for assessing it in the first place . They instead have made the referees look blind . The NHL is also infallible . They suspend Ott for his hit for three games with out pay because he injured Leopold’s pinky (or something equally weak) . Randy Jones probably ended Patrice Bergerons’s career and he was suspended for two games ! Of course the NHL is being fair . Consistency is the biggest problem here . If the NHL needs to wait for three days to see how badly the injured player was injured before handing out a suspension , then they need to do that with EVERY PLAYER’S suspension . They need to be even-handed with everything they do and not just do things under pressure from the NHL’s ‘darling teams’ . (It is NO secret that the Wings , Pens , Sens and Avs are the NHL’s darlings , in fact I challenge you to find a POSITIVE front page article on about Our Dallas Stars or The Columbus Blue Jackets or ANY southern team ).
 Whether the hit was clean or not , the NHL and the on-ice refs have both proven that somebody is wrong . Whomever it is needs to step up . I am starting to lose more faith in the league and I never had faith in the refs to behave properly (especially when McGeough is on the ice) . It is just a shame that Steve Ott has to pay $12,834.21 for it .

 It really is a travesty that I did not even touch on the hits put on Morrow and the slew-footing of Modano the game in Colorado on the 8th . Or the inconsistency of the last minute high-stick put in Brenden Morrow’s mouth but not called . Just wait , that might spew out at another time when I have had enough and I am boiling over yet again . I blog angry . Now you know why my web address is FIVEFORFIGHTING.wordpress . (I am ashamed that Tracey Meyers has the same title of her blog . I cannot stand her , but that is for a different blog , too)


~ by Adam on March 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Steve Ott’s First Suspension”

  1. The reality of it is, you could argue this hit either way and you’d have very valid arguments. The fact that no penalty was called was a mistake by the refs. It should clearly have been a penalty, i don’t think anybody argues that. If it were called, you can guarantee it would have been also reviewed after the game, such as it eventually was. Because Otter DID leave his feet, the suspension was required, as per the rules. I’ve noticed in the past that it may be 3 days before we hear about it, but that doesn’t mean it took them 3 days to actually decide to review it.

    As you know, Otter is one of my fave players, and i love his highly physical play. That hit however was unfortunately a little “too” physical. I think in many ways he’s lucky he only got 3 games. A lot of analysts seem to think he deserved 10 or more because of past hits that had gone unnoticed. Go figure.

    The Stars will miss him though… he would have been very useful against Detroit.

  2. I was thinking that this was to set a kind of precedent for Steve Ott. It is known what kind of player he is, and they are maybe going after him in hopes of getting him to smarten up?

    I could be way off, but I think that calling the referees a failure is a way off, that is a pretty strong word. Just by this alone I am going to assume you have never reffed hockey, I could be wrong.

    If you haven’t, then I will say something I am sure you have heard before, it is way harder than it can ever be imagined.

    I do think that the Dallas Stars are one of the best organizations in the NHL, they have been consistantly near the top of the league for about a decade, and that is not a fluke, but it has to be recognized that the NHL is a business, and that more often than not, it isn’t the teams in the Southern Belt that are bringing in business, sorry.

  3. To Sam : You are right in the fact that this call could be argued either way . I cannot honestly say that I think that the hit was legal . I do believe the hit was a little “too” physical . It is the three game suspension that I totally disagree with . If you can intentionally end somebody’s career (potentially) and only be suspended for two games , I think three is too much . And , yes , Our Stars will miss him against the Wings .
    To j2i2m22 : Ott is a fighter and an agitator . That is his role on the team and he excells at it . Every team has one although most are not as skilled at it as Ott is . I am sorry that you do not like him . And , no I have not ever reffed a hockey game and I am sure it is VERY difficult . The NHL is SUPPOSED to hire the best and most qualified people but when you have events where the puck comes off the netting , then goes in a net , and it is counted as a goal , that has to at least raise eyebrows . You cannot convince me that there is nothing wrong when recent events (note the plural of ‘events’) similar to that are not fixed . And as far as the NHL being a buisiness , we all know that it is a business but maybe they should advertise that no southern based teams can have a shot at winning The Cup again because Anahiem’s win last season did not do enough for the NHL . Biases towards OR against any teams in the league by the league or officials should not be permitted period .
    The whole purpose of this blog was to point out that the two official parties (meaning the NHL and the ref crew) did not agree and somebody needs to say that they made a mistake . Whether the refs appologize or the NHL does (it makes no difference to me as to who) , somebody needs to own up to the mistake .
    Please try to remember that I wrote this blog angry . When that happens , emotions spill over . If I have offended anyone , I DID warn you that I was blogging angry .

  4. Oh no you didn’t offend me at all. However there has been talkings in Canada about the game being fixed towards the Americans. People up here figure that Bettman doesn’t want a Canadian (read small-market, Oilers & Flames) winning the cup. That was more prevelant when the Flames went to the finals, because it would have screwed with the idea that a cap was necessary.

    I do believe Ott is one of the best at what he does on the ice, thats no secret, and I don’t not like him (hope that makes sense.) I just know what kind of player he is, and I just think they NHL is trying to come down on him before he gets out of hand, think Downie.

    If you come over to my blog today, I am sure you’ll like what I write about, because I am gonna flip out about the Pronger thing.

  5. […] morning, I pretty much ripped a blog because I thought he was a little off calling out the refs like he did. I did agree that the NHL […]

  6. To j2i2m22…

    I think that’s merely an unforunate way of thinking up in Canada. The argument for the cap applies to US teams as much as Canadian teams. The fact is, with the cap EVERY team in the league has as much chance of making it to the finals. Don’t blame bettman or the system, or the US teams… blame the canadian teams for not drafting, trading, spending enough money to get the players needed to drive the team to the finals. Toronto Maple Leafs… need i say more?

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