March Hockey

 A friend of mine (Caitlin at Untypical Girls) has recently written a blog about how much she dislikes March hockey . I am almost on the same wave length , but not quite . I have difficulty watching hockey games in March for a different reason . I do not feel it is the same old drab game-play . Given , some games can be very dull , but the rest of the season has the potential for that , too . Some games are just better than others depending on who is playing each other . Some teams just do not like each other and those games are great no matter when the games are played .
 I love the inter-conference play at the end of the season because of the excitement of who will make it into the playoffs . Some seasons , it does not have too terribly much of an impact on who makes it into the playoffs , but this season , points are tight (thanks to the gift of a point for over-time losses – I hope they drop that next season) .
 What I hate about March hockey is the commentators , except for Ralph Strangis or Razor . BUT even they fall into the same rut as the rest of the commentators from time to time . They all want to tell you about the standings and theorize who will make the playoffs and who will not (sometimes even during game-play) . They prattle on and on about ‘maybe’ s and ‘if’ s . Example : “If The Stars lose X number of games and the Sharks win their games in hand on the Stars , then the Sharks could have the Pacific Division title this season .” I hate theories and talking about “what if” s . I love to watch the whole thing unfold in its’ own time . It is so much more enjoyable to be surprised than to sit and theorize incessantly . It is possible to drown in numbers , especially if you follow “the grid” that the coaches use . (That thing should be outlawed for the simple fact that it could be considered torture in at least fifteen countries . If you have never seen “the grid” and you have not been tortured enough at your day job ,  go to look for the feature about it . I promise you can look at the thing for hours and theorize all kinds of crazy possibilities . Good luck to you if you decide to challenge your mind with the stupid thing ) 
 I love hockey , but I hate theorizing and “what if” s . If we are going to play the “what if” game how about we say , “What if Our Dallas Stars had not traded away Jerome Iginla ? Would they still have won Lord Stanley’s Cup in 1999 ? ” Or even better , “Where would the Stars be now if they had kept Iginla ?”
 Theorizing makes me tired . I just want to watch the hockey game . Well , that and analyze the game play .
 Oh , and the Lightning play the Islanders tonight , so if you are looking for another (Tampa) Baywatch , it will be posted tomorrow morning .

  One last thing . Thank you to Caitlin for giving me publicity . I appreciate her advertisement . Your check is in the mail .


~ by Adam on March 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “March Hockey”

  1. I don’t like March hockey either… I’m usually just so ready for the playoffs to start that it’s hard to get through, especially since the last 10 games or so weren’t very important for the Stars to win the past few years. This March is looking to be even worse with the weird scheduling (us only playing 10 games).

    I’m gonna add you to our blogroll. GO STARS!


  2. This is the part where I get just kind of get burned out on hockey before the excitement of playoffs.

    The grid should be burned. I wish I had never seen “The Grid”. :facedesk:

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with The Grid. I love it because it’s an easy way to keep me up to date. I hate it because I have my own personal one that I update every night, and I can’t go to bed until it’s been updated, which means sometimes I don’t head to sleep until one in the morning, which isn’t a problem when I don’t have 8am classes, but starting in a week and a half that’ll be an issue. I’m like, OCD about it.

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