NHL’s Most Hated ?

 In The Hockey News (dated Jan , 22nd) they discuss each team’s most hated opposing player . MANY different teams have Jordin Tooto listed as their Public Enemy Number One . I cannot say that is really a surprise . I personally cannot stand the guy either . After sucker punching Stephane Robidas in the same game that the Trashville fans boo-ed Modano for his record setting goal , there are not many fans in Dallas who will EVER forget that game . Or him . Or the trashy behavior of those fans . *sarcastically* No , I am not bitter at all .
 While I could easily turn this blog into a Jordin Tootoo lambasting (and it would ALL be well deserved especially after that hit on a Canucks player recently) , I will not . I , instead propose that he is not The NHL’s Most Hated .
 I propose instead of him being the NHL’s Most Hated , that Michael McGeough is the NHL’s Most Hated . Yeah , I know he is not a hockey player , but how many games has he ruined ? FAR more than any other single player could have ever ! He professionally ruins games . How would you like to be able to ruin games AND seasons ?

I will give you examples ;

1. Every time he takes the ice at ANY arena (no matter where) , he is booed .
2. November 8 , 2007 : Coyotes 5 , Stars 2 with more penalties called on Our Stars .
3. November 14 , 2007 : Sharks 4 Stars 3 with more penalties called on Our Stars yet again .
4. December 18 , 2007 : Oilers 1 Stars 2 with Our Stars winning in the shootout despite them having more penalties yet again . The shootout is apparently untouchable for McGeough .
5. January 24 , 2008 : Sabres 2 Stars 1 with Our Stars taking ONE less penalty than the Sabres . *sarcastically* Wow . That makes me excited .
6. I did not even list all the games (or the series) he ruined from last season . In case you did not watch , he “officiated” most (if not all) of the series against Vancouver and we ALL know how that turned out .

 Did anyone see a pattern there ? I know I did . So , after being presented with the facts , don’t you think he should be The NHL’s Most Hated ?
 By the way , I WILL throw a party when he retires . Come early . There will be many , many people who will want to celebrate such a great day in history .


~ by Adam on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “NHL’s Most Hated ?”

  1. This is an older blog , but I liked it and thought I should post it here . Enjoy !

  2. I hate Tootoo so much. But more than anything, I hate Jeremy Roenick. It’s just a personal, petty, ridiculous kind of hate. But hate, nonetheless.

  3. Let’s not forget the unforgettable “hand pass off the faceoff” incident when the Stars played the Oilers.

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