Good Practice , Bad Game .

 I am not sure how that really works , but it happened . Our Dallas Stars practiced hard yesterday and were in good spirits . Usually when that is the case , they win their next game but they lost three to one (given it was really two-one but empty-net goals count in the final score) . I do not know what happened . Our Stars even allowed Flopsberg to get points in the game . I want to know what is really going on with Our team . They USED to play sixty minutes of GOOD hockey . Losing Morrow and Niskanen certainly did not help things , but you cannot blame lost players for the whole team falling apart at the seems . I did not like the lines Tippett skated anyway . I seldom do unless Halpern (who is now GONE-thanks-Brett Hull) , Lundqvist and Stu are on a line together .
They have such great ability and skill . I would hate to be like San Jose but lately we resemble them more than I would like . If you think about it , the comparison is clear . Two teams packed full of highly skilled players who sometimes play great hockey and sometimes seem to refuse to . They have both played games standing up (as opposed to bending down with their sticks to get the puck) . I am not sure what the problem with Our Stars is , but it is obvious that they need to focus on their game for a full sixty minutes and really play . The Sharks on the other hand , need to figure out what their true problem is . They have been under-performing for most of the season .
 I WAS looking forward to this game but , now , I am sorry that it was such a let down . Let us all hope that Our Dallas Stars can break this losing streak they have going . I would have liked to write a REAL blog instead of an angry rant . Maybe next time . 


~ by Adam on March 9, 2008.

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