Forgettable Games In Dallas

 I had a very hard time watching this game after seeing the first few shifts . And that is saying something . I am the guy who watches one hockey game on television , and listens to a different one over the internet . So , yeah , I was very disappointed with Our Dallas Stars’ gameplay .
 The first period started out with a bang . On Boucher . He left the game after his first shift and is now listed as week-to-week after a hit into the boards . The Coyotes’ Mueller scored the game’s first goal near the nine and a half minute mark and that really fired them up . Their attacks became more agressive and their hitting became seemingly more frequent . Our Stars , on the other hand did not really seem to care . The only player who performed admirably this period was Turco .
 The second period’s first minute showed that the Coyotes wanted to win when Doan tosses one past a sprawling and confused Marty Turco . Winchester got into a fight to try to bring up the intensity level but it did not help at all . A short time later Ott is sent to the box for supposedly roughing , but I we all know he was just an innocent by-stander . Near the six-fourty mark the Coyotes seem to nail the door shut and keep Our Stars in their own zone for what seemed like an eternity . Somehow Brad Winchester (yes , the OTHER Brad that nobody talks about) and the “new” guy Toby Petersen combine with a great pass from Barnes and they score Our Stars’ only goal of the game with Bryzgalov lying on his back .
 The third period started slow for Our Stars but better than the first two periods . Modano , Lehtinen and Ott had some great chances but never could capitalize on them . To say that the rest of the game was fairly uneventfull , would not be far off . The only thing that was worth mentioning was the rather violent “meeting of the minds” at the end of the game in front of Bryzgalov . The penalties that were assesed were an attrocity and the game clock ran at LEAST three seconds after the whistle blew AND the faceoff should not have come outside the Coyotes’ zone . I do not think the extra three seconds or the faceoff in the offensive zone would have helped , niether would the five on three that would have occured if the penalties would have been handed out properly but it would have been some comfort to know that the refs were doing their jobs .

Game Misconducts ;

This “Brad Richards Era” does not look as bright as all the announcers seemed to think it would be for Our Dallas Stars . So far Our Stars have pummeled a weak and struggling team and then dropped two consecutive games to teams who wanted to win while Our Stars looked like they came to the rink only to skate around . In both games , after the one versus Chicago , Our Stars had terrible passing , many , many mishandled pucks , failed attampts at shots on goal resulting FROM bad passes and miscues between players and just poor all-around playing . They played sloppy and lazy . Their powerplays resulted in almost no real pressure on the Coyotes . They may have had twenty-one shots on goal , but VERY few were actually quality chances to score . I cannot say enough about how disappointed in Our team I am . I hope they wake up and smell the smelling salts and get their collective rears in gear or else they may not even win the division . 
 The OTHER Brad turned twenty-seven on the first of March . He scored his first goal as Dallas Star and earned a third star of the game . Congrats Brad ! The fourth line was the only line that managed to do anything to the Coytotes . Winchester , Petersen , Barnes and Turco were Our Stars’ best players .


~ by Adam on March 7, 2008.

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