Finally A Great Practice in Frisco

 I have just returned from Our Dallas Stars’ practice in Frisco . I took many pictures and had a great time  (If you would like to see all the pictures I took , you will need to go to and look my profile there up , I am Dallas Stars 24/7/365  and click on my pics) . 
 I was very fortunate in the fact that not only was I able to see Our Stars practice , but all of the players took their time with all the fans and signed everything that they asked them to . I thanked them all for doing so profusely , even though I only asked Stephane Robidas , Brad Richards , Johan Holmqvist and Tobey Petersen to sign things for me . Even the lately sulky Sergei Zubov signed things (he has not done that since he was injured) .
 The best part of the time I spent out there was really with other fans .
 I had the pleasure of meeting Justin who came down from Canada to visit Our Dallas Stars and go to the game on March 9th . He had a very busy trip scheduled and I truly hope that he has a great time here in Texas .
 I also met Andy out there and we talked and took some really great pictures . We had a great time and he had every player sign his hockey stick that he bought . He could not have picked a better day to go out to a Stars’ practice .
 I was very shocked and surprised to meet up with That Zany Lady . We talked for almost half of the practice . We had a wonderful time and I really am looking forward to our next conversation . If you do not know her , you are truly missing out . She is probably one of the most hockey-intelligent people (and for that matter just plain intelligent people) I have ever had the pleasure of knowing . If you do not know something about hockey or if you have forgotten , she probably knows all about it or can remember it from reading it somewhere . Kudos to you , Zany . I am impressed . 
 The practice itself was very good . Our Dallas Stars ran through what seemed like full-contact drills . I honestly have not seen them run through drills like that for a long time . They rattled the boards and a couple of times a few players were up-ended . THAT I had NEVER seen in a practice . Our Dallas Stars looked sharp and they were in good spirits . The practice makes me look forward to the game tomorrow . 
 Originally I had decided to go out to the Stars’ Center only to have my wife’s newly purchased jersey personalised with Stephane Robidas’ name and number . When I walked into the Stars Stuff shop , he was walking in from the other side of the store . I laughed and said good morning . I then explained what I was doing . He told me thank you for choosing his name and number . He did seem very pleased . I asked that if I stuck around after the practice , if he would sign it for my wife . He said he would be glad to . So , I waited and he was happy to see that I had kept my word . I also had explained to him that my wife chose him because he is probably the most unsung hero on the team . He was very flattered .
 If you have not gone out to a practice and you have the ability to do so , I suggest going . It is truly a wonderful time .


~ by Adam on March 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Finally A Great Practice in Frisco”

  1. Awesome blog mate 🙂 I’m going to subscript so i’m updated automatically when you post. Love you work 🙂

  2. Thank you for the compliment . I hope you enjoy this site . All I will be doing with my myspace page now is posting photos and posting links to here for my blog .

  3. Robi is SO awesome. I adore him. He’s the sweetest man!

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